Letters to the Editor

No time to take medical history

In response to Jim Wells' comment regarding how the deputies shouldn't have used a Taser on anyone with a medical condition such as epilepsy ("Dad: Seizure may be behind fatal fight," Aug. 17, Page B-2): He mentions he is retired from law enforcement. Does he remember ever knowing someone's medical condition before contacting them? And do officers have the time to chat up a suspect who just burglarized a home and attacked two women? No!

He also said, "You don't do that (use a Taser) unless you believe he's going to kill somebody." What was James' intention when he attacked the two women? Those women probably thought he was going to kill them.

If you have a medical condition that could result in death, don't commit crimes and fight the police. An officer's job is to protect the public against criminal offenders. James Wells put himself in that predicament and suffered the cost. The officers performed their duties correctly, as they had been trained.