Letters to the Editor

Let family park trucks on its farm

The Stanislaus County Planning Commission denied the Gomes family of Turlock the right to park their trucks on their land. They have lived on this land and farmed it for 60 years. It is planted in almonds behind the three homes, lived in by Joe Gomes and his two sons. The trucks are parked near their homes. The property is immaculate and I would suggest the members of the board take a look at it and reconsider their unfair stance. Since when has the board gotten into deciding how many cars, trucks, etc. can be parked on private property? The board has opened a huge can of worms.

The basis for the denial is that it's a business on agricultural land. That's ludicrous when half a mile away, on the same side of the street, is Costco.

The trucks are simply parked there at night for safety and taken back to the gas business on Tully Road in the morning.