Letters to the Editor

Support our country's wounded soldiers

If we want the best soldiers to protect our country, we need to support them. We as the constituency are the ones to investigate the job the senators are doing. Are they self-serving or doing the right thing?

The Bush administration proposed $795 million in co-payment fees, from $8 to $15 per prescription, and an increased annual enrollment fee of $250 for disabled veterans.

Senators, by a 46-54 vote, defeated an amendment by Sen. Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, to close corporate tax loopholes and increase veterans' medical service funding by $1.5 billion. Senators also rejected an amendment that would have made veterans health benefits a mandatory spending program. The estimated cost was $104 billion over five years and would have been offset by eliminating the tax breaks for individuals with an annual income of more than $1 million and certain corporate tax breaks.

We are experiencing the first wave of cases of post-traumatic stress disorder. Soldiers need support, not more-out-of-pocket expenses.

We must demand accountability from our senators by writing or contacting Disabled American Veterans officials at www.dav.org.