Letters to the Editor

Ron Paul will make U.S. great again

Our great country is at a crossroads -- either we continue on the same road of destruction or we see history and realize we have to make a change to keep America great. We need a president like Ron Paul! If you:

  • Want to stop spending billions to build bases in other nations and police the world
  • Agree to get rid of the IRS and big-government spending
  • Agree that the federal government should not take up to 35 percent of our paycheck and put money into Social Security
  • Agree that the government's only purpose, according to the Constitution, is to protect the liberty and freedom of U.S. citizens
  • Agree that we should pull our troops out of Iraq and focus on the group that attacked us on Sept. 11 (al-Qaida)
  • Disagree with the national ID card
  • Agree that no child born of illegal immigrants should be granted automatic citizenship and there should be no path to legal citizenship for those who enter illegally then you should think about Ron Paul.