Letters to the Editor

U.S. businesses get rich off illegals

In response to "Getting rid of undocumented will cripple American economy" (Aug. 27, Page B-5): Isn't this just another example of how American businesses need to change their ways?

We all have seen the impact that illegal immigrants have had on hospital emergency rooms, schools and the whole infrastructure of our nation. Rowland Nethaway writes of the difficulties involved with enforcing our laws, but does that mean we should abandon them? I don't know how farmers and other businesses that hire illegal workers are compensated, but I suspect that by paying illegal workers substandardly instead of paying citizens fairly, many have pocketed the difference to become wealthy.

Nethaway also mentions how illegal workers are often subjected to wage theft. This sounds like a plantation mentality from the days of slavery. If American farmers and businesses were willing to pay workers more fairly, I bet somehow, somewhere, American citizens could be found to do the work. Maybe some of our citizens who are on welfare or who have been arrested for minor drug offenses could be required to work on farms for a while. Yes, we will probably see increases in the costs of goods for the short term, but the benefits that will accrue from not having to pay for services for noncitizens should balance that out.