Letters to the Editor

Bush panders to nation's greediest

Regarding "Clinton panders to our laziest" (Aug. 21, Letters): This administration panders, but not to the American workers. Jobs sent overseas produce products by workers that receive less pay. It allows industries to avoid pollution controls.

People who work part-time receive no benefits. Many families need two jobs because real earnings and savings are less than what my parents acquired. College costs have skyrocketed. Millions are without health care. People must choose between food, shelter or health care. No wonder emergency rooms overflow.

There is lax enforcement of air quality controls, which causes death and long-term health problems for the elderly and children.

Are all the people who have lost jobs, have no or little adequate health care, and cannot afford college just lazy? Or could it be that some politicians favor the corporate dollar over the health and well-being of the American public?

Most Americans receive few benefits from their endeavors. The statistics show an ever-widening gap between the rich and the shrinking middle and lesser paid Americans. Laziness did not create this disparity, lack of health care or foreclosed homes.