Letters to the Editor

Measure E funds go wrong places

Is it any wonder that the Yosemite Community College District's Measure E has become such a boondoggle? The same incompetent board of trustees has led the community down this road before. Build more parking lots, more buildings, pave over grass (the baseball field, or cutting down the redwood grove for an ugly gym, as they have done in the past).

Along with this will come more overpaid administrators and staff. I fail to see how Measure E has helped students with the cost of education. Use resources to help struggling students attend four-year colleges; invest in the students, not in an obsolete college system.

The YCCD board has become a miniature version of the gluttonous University of California regents. The only certainty is that the students and the taxpayers will come out on the short end. And in a couple of years the YCCD board will want another bond with the promise that they will get it right this time.