Letters to the Editor

Gonzales is gone, but not his stains

Is anyone expected to shed a tear at Alberto Gonzales' departure? This guy has been a political puppet in one of the most important cabinet seats. His performance has been equal to the ventriloquist's dummy and now he is leaving. It seems that he is heeding the advice of the White House official who encouraged all who are not planning for the long term to leave by Labor Day. (Here is your hat, what is your hurry?)

The departure will not remove the stain that Gonzales has made on this organization and this country's reputation among nations. His participation in illegal acts is still to be dealt with and he has not seen the last of his troubles with Congress. Maybe he and Karl Rove are going to be frontmen for the next Dick-and-George operation in the post-White House years.

At least he will not be getting paid to say "I can't recall" or "On the advice of the White House, I am not responding under the provisions of executive privilege."