Letters to the Editor

Safety first: More gun permits

In response to "Put our safety first: Build prisons" (Aug. 24, Letters): I say, put our safety first, Chief Roy Wasden. Issue more concealed weapons permits. Time and again statistics prove that more guns equals less crime.

The bureaucrats tell us, "The police will protect you." Yet, the police have no constitutional or statutory requirement to protect us as individuals -- only to "protect" society. With response time in excess of 10 minutes in many parts of Modesto, the law-abiding among us deserve the ability to exercise our constitutional rights to keep and carry arms. This right is not for those in "authority" to approve, because "we, the people" are the final authority. Modesto's police chief has forgotten that his authority is subject to ours.

Build more prisons? No, allow me to exercise my rights under the Second Amendment. That way if some dirt-bag criminal wants to harm me or my family I can blow him away. Give me back my rights and there will be one less jail cell needed.