Letters to the Editor

Consider life term your rehab

To the writer of "I'm facing life in prison for $32 theft" (Aug. 28, Letters), I don't know where to start. So you are a 40-year-old facing life in prison because of bad judgments in your life choices. So since you were 18 you've had a free world of options to choose from, to take responsibility for your actions and embrace life. You let yourself down -- so don't blame others.

I will be happy to pay my taxes to keep you off the streets and away from society. Because of your memory losses, what else don't you remember doing? There are a lot of unsolved crimes you may or may not remember doing, and that's a scary thought! I have grandchildren and elderly to protect from people like you, and knowing you're off the streets is very comforting.

Won't you consider your third strike prison time the long-term rehabilitation you're asking for?