Letters to the Editor

Give us our purses back, please

To the persons responsible for breaking into multiple cars and stealing multiple purses Aug. 17 in the Davis High School parking lot: You've had your fun with our cash, credit cards, etc., but we'd like our purses back. We want our address books, our lipstick and our photos back, too. Drop them off at any post office or reputable retail store. You got what you wanted, and you've cost us all a ton of money to replace our broken windows and the other items in our purses. The rest isn't valuable to you, but it is to us!

To the Modesto police, Davis High School, and Modesto City Parks and Recreation Department: Since this traumatic event occurred, and we shared our story with others, we've learned that it happens almost every night of the week at Davis High. Why isn't there a security guard or a camera, more lighting, or even a warning that there is a huge problem at this location? The costs just to the five of us would more than pay for what it would take to prevent these thefts.

To anyone who plays at Davis High School: Beware!


and three others