Letters to the Editor

Help Darfur victims defend themselves

Many celebrities have been trying to draw our attention to the holocaust in Darfur, and have been urging the United Nations to send in troops. Americans are worried about sending our young men out to die for someone else's country. Maybe we should compromise.

What if we gave the able-bodied men of Darfur advisers and weapons so they could fight their own battles? We could even conduct surgical bombing without jeopardizing the lives of our own. Donations from charity could provide them with food and medicine to aid them in their struggle. We could emphasize independence and help out without dying in their place.

As a nation, we've ended the threat of global nuclear war with Russia, we've given Palestine its own state and we've systematically cleansed our nation of almost all its racism. Let's keep up the good work. Now that the right wing and the left wing are working together, maybe we can fly.