Letters to the Editor

West Side scared of Kamilos project

Stanislaus County's West Side residents aren't just concerned about the humongous industrial project proposed for the Crows Landing air facility less than a mile from Patterson's southern boundary -- we're frightened.

The size of Gerry Kamilos' proposed West Park project is nearly 2 square miles larger than our city, and our area includes a square mile of open land annexed for a 3,100-home development and another square mile of unused industrial property.

Our grass-roots organization is not opposed to job creation. But we are opposed to the creation of a second Port of Oakland which would have a gigantic rail yard surrounded by prime agricultural property. Confining the project to the 1,528 acres of the former Navy base makes far more sense to us than expanding the project to 4,800 acres -- 7½ square miles.

What makes even more economic sense is to locate Kamilos' project next to the Altamont Pass near Tracy, having more highway and rail access to the site. Rail hauls another 25 miles down the West Side would thus be eliminated.

However, changing the apparent relationship between the developer and this county's Board of Supervisors may prove to be a daunting task.


president, West Side-Patterson Affiliates for Community and Environment