Letters to the Editor

Who's guilty of 'An Enormous Crime'?

I have just finished reading the book "An Enormous Crime." As a Vietnam veteran, to say I am disappointed in my government is an understatement. The effort that our leaders went to to disallow the documents and evidence that this government did leave live prisoners of war behind is outrageous. People were paid off with government jobs; others threatened with prosecution if they spoke out. If you doubt what I say, visit the Web site www.enormouscrime.com. The government has done all it can to cover up the fact that since Richard Nixon's presidency and Watergate, every administration has tried to close the door on this issue. It won't go away until they face what they have done.

Most of the people in the know say, "What reason would Vietnam have to hold POWs?" One reason and only one: It feels that this government owes them reparations. President Kennedy taught them that when he dealt with Cuba and Fidel Castro for the return of the men captured at the Bay of Pigs invasion. Read the book; it is all there.