Letters to the Editor

Waterford a caring city from top down

Just some thoughts regarding the Waterford General Plan, which was approved Aug. 22. This had been one of the main priorities of former Mayor Charles Turner. It was his vision working with past and present council and planning commission members. We still have a long way to go, but thanks to his determination -- and that of City Manager Chuck Deschenes and City Planner Bob Borchard -- it is moving forward.

Our Planning Commission, chaired by Chris Esther, worked overtime on these important plans. City staff kept everyone informed and up to date. We, as a city, are very lucky to have such caring people.

We, as a city, are very lucky. We see this level of caring throughout our city in many different ways. Our schools, churches, service clubs, and youth groups offer so much to everyone. Thank you for caring. We have a Plan, but it takes people to make it work.