Letters to the Editor

Bush is responsible for some things

Maybe the writer of "Now everything is Bush's fault" (Aug. 29, Letters) just doesn't understand why President Bush is responsible for some things. Take the mine collapses -- all of them. There's been about seven since Bush came into office. Your president put a man named Richard Stickler in charge of the federal agency that oversees mine safety. He was an executive in the mining industry before being tapped for the job. The injury rate at one of his mines was three times the national average, and another had 3,000 safety violations. When the Senate wouldn't confirm his appointment to the position, Bush just waited for them to go home for a few days and used a recess appointment to bypass them.

In New Orleans, the Federal Emergency Management Agency relied on another Bush contributor to come up with an evacuation plan. He had no experience in disaster planning; campaign contributions were the only experience needed. Don't get me started with the Department of Justice; Alberto Gonzales might be his buddy from Texas, but he's as dumb as a box of rocks.