Letters to the Editor

Quit with the tantrums; Salida should grow

Despite all the tantrums being made by the furious residents against the Salida Now initiative, everyone I know supports it.

I would like to commend the board of supervisors for standing behind the initiative. It is important to note that the Board Members were in agreement of the initiative however, the two nay votes were based on their want for the initiative to be put into a public vote. So the public should be aware that their nay votes weren’t given based on the initiative being a “bad plan.”

I am pleased that the initiative did not get placed on the ballot as the media would have three extra months to tweak the issue and push the ballot. Knowing that this was a hot issue with valid arguments from both sides, the Supervisors would not have voted as they did if they did not fully understand and support the issue.Unfortunately for the people who fight against growth, they need to realize that California is growing at a rapid pace and Stanislaus County would be foolish to avoid this issue at this current time. Why do I want Salida Now? Because, I do not want it later!