Letters to the Editor

Salida Now means Salida is Alive

Salida Now should have been called Salida Alive. After years upon years of waiting and debating, Salida can finally expand and grow the way most surrounding towns have. They even have the chance to be incorporated as a city. My family was raised in Salida and owns property there. I am proud to see this initiative pass and the town that I love is finally going to grow. I feel like these last 10 years Salida has been experiencing growing pains and I have been disappointed every time I saw these plans shot down. The growth in population is coming, that is indisputable. We should be proactive in this county to accommodate and also take advantage of future growth. Innumerable benefits will come from the tax revenues, including expansion and repair of city infrastructure - bringing Salida closer to becoming the jewel of Stanislaus county that it is.