Letters to the Editor

Kamilos meetings less than you think

I read your take ("Kamilos willing to talk to all who want to listen," Aug. 20, Page B-4) on the community meetings with Gerry Kamilos. I assume you did not attend any meetings for you to award Kamilos an "A" for community outreach. Just because he took out a full-page ad in The Bee doesn't mean he's trying to inform the public.

First, having people preregister and limiting the meetings to 40 people is a deterrent to many. Second, when the meeting started 25 minutes late, time was lost. Third, an attorney interspersed in her presentation how we, the audience, should behave -- a real put-down.

Kamilos started his part about 7:50 p.m. and talked on and on. When a question was asked, he took five to seven minutes to explain. This left time for very few questions before we were told the meeting was over. We were told we could stay to midnight if we wanted to talk individually with his experts, but that isn't being informational to the whole group.

I give Kamilos an A for arranging meetings to meet his needs, not to tell what is really going to happen to our West Side with his plan.