Letters to the Editor

Government: Leave business alone

The article ("Ye Olde Ice Cream Shoppe stymied," Aug. 27, Page B-1) struck me as another example of the ludicrous interference of our government. Especially after all the junk with which they allow countries to saturate our county. The latest, of course, is China and lead. I have had ice cream many times in that store and it was always clean and well maintained. It is hard to believe how hard restrictive rules have made it for small businesses to operate in our country.

This is a small community and should be preserved. Would it make more sense to just let them go out of business? How would that benefit the community? Some of our large restaurants are not as clean as that small store and they seem to keep doing business as usual!

Leave them alone, keep government out and let them make a living at what they love and do best!