Letters to the Editor

Supervisors showed courage in their vote

Thank you Supervisor Grover for having the courage to do the right thing for Salida and its residents. We do not know why outsiders feel as if they have the right to come into our community to dictate our future to us. This is what the backers of SOS tried to do. Thank you for protecting our future. We further do not understand the demands of entities like the Modesto Bee and the League of Women Voters who scream that your actions deprived them of their right to vote on our future. Why do they believe they have such a right? As citizens of Salida, we are not afforded the same opportunities to dictate how their cities grow, so why should they have a majority say in what we do in Salida. Over the course of 10 years, through numerous planning sessions and public hearings, we the citizens of Salida, together with the County Board of Supervisors, have determined a plan for Salida. Thank you for keeping this plan alive.