Letters to the Editor

Attorney explains reimbursement provision

As the attorney primarily responsible for the drafting of the Salida Now Initiative, it is my responsibility to clear up a misconception about one of the initiative's elements.

A Bee headline and some letters to the editor have implied the Development Agreement included in Salida Now compels Stanislaus County to repay my clients for the costs of drafting and circulating our initiative with public monies. Salida Now has no such provision.

Our initiative seeks reimbursement from other developers who were benefited by Salida Now. Section 21.66.110 of the new zoning regulations and Section 4.03 of the Development Agreement makes clear that we are asking the county to impose a fee on other development interests in Salida should these interests seek to enjoy the benefits of the initiative. This concept is common in agreements whereby a large number of individuals or corporations are involved. For example, if one builder installs a sewer line or roadway that directly serves other builders' projects, it is both fair and normal to see that everyone pays their proportionate share of the costs. This element of our initiative is just another example of the same idea.

THOMAS B. RUBY, Attorney for Salida Now

Palo Alto