Letters to the Editor

Supervisors want county to catch up

I am a firm believer in strong, sustainable growth. I have seen our county fall behind neighboring counties, both to the north and south, in developing communities that would attract new visitors and businesses. Growth is all around us. We had better keep our eyes wide open and begin planning for our future now.

I thoroughly believe the county supervisors understand the urgency in planning for smart development; thus, their reasoning behind the recent approval of the Salida Now initiative. This project will bring much needed business park land to Stanislaus County, as well as the beginnings of an east-west expressway.

I believe our supervisors have gained tremendous insight into the needs of their citizens during the nearly 10-year review and planning process of this project. Planning for our county's future is a responsibility that these elected leaders have not taken lightly; they have also taken the extra steps to communicate with the citizens they so ably represent.

I believe these men did the right thing in approving the Salida Now initiative. I believe their decision was a result of great vision and integrity.