Letters to the Editor

Sold out by the five stooges

I must respond to two recent letters: The writer of "Bee-serk over Salida Now" (Aug. 22) feels that no one has a say in Salida's future but Salidans. Get a clue! As long as Salida is an unincorporated part of Stanislaus County, my tax dollars are involved and I have a say -- especially when 3,900 unneeded new homes are involved. And I don't like it.

The writer of "Let supervisors do their job" (Aug. 22) states that "growth is essential to infrastructural survival." Sounds like a lot of developer propaganda to me. Our supervisors -- or Larry, Moe, Curly, Shemp and Joe, as I think of them -- are selling us out from Crows Landing to Waterford to Salida, and their "profound vision for our future" seems to be a county covered with asphalt and McMansions.

This is an agricultural area, and needs to stay that way. We need more fruit trees, not more houses. I criticize them because they deserve it! They do not represent my best interests.