Letters to the Editor

Give the right of way to emergency vehicles

People are not paying attention to the service given by the American Medical Response and their emergency medical technicians trying to save lives. We were at a signal light on the corner of Floyd and McHenry avenues at 5 p.m. Aug. 14 when we heard the sirens. Yes, there was a lot of traffic, and nobody seemed to pay attention to the EMTs who had an important job to do.

We didn't see anybody move over as they are supposed to do. We counted five vehicles going west off Floyd onto McHenry, windows up, whose drivers apparently didn't hear anything going around them and continued on their way. The ambulance finally made it around all of these vehicles, but it must have been a struggle.

Why can't people hear these vehicles? They are loud. The drivers should have been cited for not giving the right of way to the response team.