Letters to the Editor

Stanislaus ACLU turns attention to schools

In the wake of Congress granting its president ever greater powers to spy on citizens, profound alarm fills civil libertarians' hearts. But Stanislaus American Civil Liberties Union chapter board members feel rare outrage in new local public school transgressions -- campus surveillance cameras, banning colors in student dress codes and now, in Turlock, fingerprinting pupils.

Our ACLU chapter was sired by the totalitarian "Patriot Act," and we will return to those roots at our 7 p.m. annual meeting Sept. 19 in Room 110 of the Modesto Junior College Forum Building. Attorney Nicole A. Ozer, regional ACLU technology and civil liberties policy director, will discuss the growing surveillance infrastructure and its impact on privacy and free speech. To learn more about new government technology or express concern, attend the free public gathering. The rights you protect may be your own.


chairman, Stanislaus ACLU