Letters to the Editor

Now everything is Bush's fault

Let me see if I've got this right. Early in his first term in office, George W. Bush was responsible for mad cow disease getting into the United States. A few months later he was responsible for a nationwide shortage of flu vaccine. Then Sept. 11 happened and not only was it Bush's fault, but according to some he knew about it in advance and even planned it. (They weren't able to connect him to the catastrophic tsunami in Indonesia, but I'm sure they tried!)

He was responsible for Katrina because he refused to sign the Kyoto treaty, and it was certainly his fault that the government hadn't released all the victims within the first hour. Now both the bridge collapse in Minnesota and the Utah mine cave-in are Bush's fault. (What a man! He must have supernatural powers!)

Do you left-wing demagogues really think the rest of us believe all this? Give it up. The only people you're making look foolish are yourselves.