Letters to the Editor

This Taser use justified despite fatal result

I am very sorry for all of the people involved and for the Wells family due to the loss of their son ("Dad: Seizure may be behind fatal fight," Aug. 17, Page B-2).

However, some points need to be clarified. First, James Wells was listed as 6 feet tall and more than 300 pounds in a previous story ("Violence strikes in two cities," Aug. 16, Page B-1). Second, he forced his way into a home by breaking down a door; once inside, he attacked two women. Third, he fought with deputies. This alone was justification for using a Taser to subdue him.

Wells' father, Jim, said he is retired from law enforcement and the Taser was "absolutely over the top," and, "You don't do that unless you believe that he's going to kill somebody." I am sorry for his loss, but his son was apparently out of control, whether from a medical condition or not, and was given ample opportunity to comply with orders. The Taser does not fall into the category of lethal force. Deputies showed great restraint in not resorting to deadly force. I am grateful they were not injured. Wells should apologize to the deputies and everyone else involved for his remarks.