Letters to the Editor

Make saving energy cost-effective

Government needs to mandate certain standards in order to "save" mankind. "Don't worry," we are told, "the technology may be expensive now, but once we mandate it, the 'economy of scale' will drive down the price so all can afford it."

I'm all for saving. My family was recycling long before the first Earth Day because recycling made sense and put money in our pockets. Compact fluorescent lights? I'm a huge fan; tremendous energy savings and better light for my old, tired eyes. My water heater and air-conditioning unit are new and efficient.

Constantly I hear the drumbeat regarding energy efficiency and the high price of gasoline. My 48-year-old bus gets 18 miles per gallon; our 2006 SUV gets 18 mpg. Of course, the SUV has many more creature comforts.

People complain about the high price of fuel, but purchase horsepower. I would love to put solar panels on my house, but cannot afford the $30,000 bill.

Government needs to look at the big picture and engender choices that will improve the situation for everyone. Legislation attempting to force us to act in certain ways is not effective. When pricing and return on investment are there, I'll buy.