Letters to the Editor

The issue is how congested D Street is

In response to "Riding wrong can be fatal, accidents show" (Aug. 15, Page B-2): Family and friends feel Delbert Herrera is being used to take the focus off the bigger issue. On behalf of my best friend, Delbert, who was killed by a truck coming out of the Stanislaus Food Products Co. at 12th and D streets on Aug. 13, we should change the situation for the better of all.

The bigger issue is that D Street is a congested bottleneck for motorists, trucks, bicyclists and pedestrians. D Street has four lanes with employees from nearby businesses parked on the street. There is no turn lane, though it is heavily traveled by big rigs -- especially during tomato season with the cannery operating. Bicyclists also travel this street and there are no bike lanes.

Delbert's family and friends ask why Stanislaus Food Products did not have a policy to insure the safety of others -- for example, by a honk of the horn before a truck proceeds across the sidewalk to enter into traffic? We would like Delbert's death to focus on the bigger issue of making that extremely dangerous congested bottleneck safer for all to travel.