Letters to the Editor

Vagrants mar otherwise perfect visit

We spent 10 days in charming Modesto during June. We stayed with our grandchildren, who live one block from downtown. We enjoyed walking to restaurants, coffeehouses and the library. Chocolate zucchini bread, cinnamon rolls and what popcorn! The farmers market is an oasis of enjoyment. We picked plums and made delicious plum jam. We took the grandkids to piano, guitar and karate lessons and ventured to Stockton for some skating. The concert in the park was very entertaining and relaxing. Did I mention the weather was perfect?

The only blemish was the overpresence of vagrants. When we walked to Graceada Park, there were many vagrants. One had what looked like a young pit bull. That can't be a positive for the park and the children. Is there an unhealthy mixture of the too-close availability of drugs, beer and wine combined with refundable bottles? There is a real threat to the community. The police arrested a vagrant with a hammer in my grandkids' back yard just a few months ago.


San Antonio