Letters to the Editor

Reasons to keep embargoing Cuba

The Aug. 17 editorial ("U.S. embargo of Cuba isn't working, so end it") explains why we should lift the Cuban embargo. Here are some reasons why not: If everyone liked Fidel Castro, as you stated, then the refugees in South Florida would not have left and those that keep trying to come here would stay there and not try to get into the good old U.S. of A.

All the refugees I saw get off the Florida- Havana Railroad Car Ferry (yes, I was there to see it) could hardly wait to get to U.S. soil. I saw the economy of South Florida falter when all the refugees arrived. Now these very people who couldn't wait to get here are trying to dictate policy concerning Cuba. They didn't care too much about policy when they were taking away poor black people's jobs by undercutting labor prices. And they could afford it because they were being subsidized by our government