Letters to the Editor

Modesto experiences renaissance

Recently reacclimated as a resident of Modesto after a decade of globe-trotting, I'm amazed at how metropolitan we've become.

With the opening of the Gallo Center for the Arts, along with European-style niche restaurants and cafes, I thought how wonderful to serve the community a healthy dose of artistic diversity.

It wasn't until my violin was stolen after being by my side for 20-plus years that Gottschalk Music Center popped into my mind.

I concluded that long before our city's face-lift, these artistic resources have always existed in the corners of the city.

The lack of their notable existence is certainly on the mend as the promising relationship between the new and the tried-and-true have already begun to develop.

Proof can be seen in the release of "Cellobration," a wonderfully artistic collaborative achievement between Gallo Center for the Arts and Gottschalk Music Center, which donated 100 percent of the instruments used.

Indeed, a renaissance is taking place in Modesto, though in my opinion it is just the continuation of greatness that started in our community some time ago.