Letters to the Editor

Social Security denies claim

A family member, barely over 50 years old, was stricken with a brain tumor nearly 11 years ago. This person has a master's degree in marriage and family counseling and has been a valuable and contributing member of society. In December, it was apparent he was in deep trouble physically and financially. We brought him to our home in January. He has a great deal of debt and exhausted most of his assets. The rest were liquidated to meet Medi-Cal guidelines. He would not agree to file for bankruptcy. We applied for Social Security disability.

Now, the brain tumor has returned. Our wonderful neurosurgeon, whom we hold in high esteem, did a biopsy last week and recommended strongly removal of the tumor, radiation and chemotherapy. It is located behind the original site and could affect the motor skills on his left side. He is now in assisted living.

We received another letter from Social Security denying his claim in spite of the updates. Why? Can anyone help?