Letters to the Editor

Volunteers a part of charity

Regarding the letter "Don't use volunteers; hire workers" (Aug. 3): Some misconceptions apparently exist.

Volunteers are, and always have been, a critical part of the service delivery for Catholic Charities. Volunteers drive older residents to medical appointments, investigate complaints and abuse on behalf of facility residents and work tirelessly on a number of projects throughout the year.

While our current crew of dedicated homemakers are all paid employees, we would certainly not turn away the generous offer of a qualified housekeeper who wanted to contribute time and talent to serve aging residents. The thousands of hours of housekeeper services we provide are financed in part through the generosity of many warm-hearted supporters to whom we are always grateful.

Volunteers help define who we are as a community. Catholic Charities' staff was among the many dedicated community-minded folks who came together to provide free care to our county's uninsured during the Neighbors in Health fair this past Saturday. Kaiser Permanente is a leading supporter.

We applaud our community partners (and employees of our partners), who are eager to share their time, talent and treasure. Volunteers are a natural and cultural treasure.


program director, Catholic Charities