Letters to the Editor

Lots of butts about litter problem

It happened again today. While stopped at a red light, the smoker in the car in front of me casually flicked his used cigarette butt out the window. Happens all the time. I have been told that smokers do this because they don't want to dirty their ashtrays. Pretty considerate, eh?

Think about all the places you find cigarette butts. You find them on every street and highway in the United States. You find them on our beaches and parks. Your toddlers will innocently grab onto them in the sand at their playground. I honestly can't think of a public place where you won't find this disgusting garbage.

Smokers who complain about the loss of "smoker's rights" (if there ever was such a thing) need to consider all the negative effects they have on society and pay for their damage.

Tax cigarettes at $100 per pack? Sounds great to me.