Letters to the Editor

Schools waste money on old info

I recently received a letter from the Modesto City Schools dated August 2007, addressed "To the parents of" (my daughter) and signed by Scott Kuykendall, director, educational services 7-12.

The Modesto City School Board of Education and high school principals have agreed that it is in the best interest of all incoming ninth-grade students to participate in extracurricular activities. I agree.

The problem I see here is my daughter is 22 years old. She moved out of state and left the Modesto City School district in her second year at Davis High School in 2001 and took her school records with her. She would have been an incoming ninth-grader at the start of the school year in 1999. She has no other younger siblings that this letter could have been meant for.

My question: How many unnecessary letters and thousands of dollars is the district wasting by sending out letters from an outdated database (or whatever old source) they use? Someone should be held accountable for this costly mistake. The schools today are on tight budgets and this type of error takes away other benefits our children could be using in school such as books, lockers, air conditioning or teacher benefits, etc.

The bottom line on the letter says "Our Fourth R is Responsibility." Doesn't sound responsible to me.