Letters to the Editor

Hotel tax could help fund Gallo center

A proposal: Many people are anticipating the wonderful events that will be presented at the Gallo Center for the Arts. My sincere thanks to all of those whose time and donations have made this a reality. There is an anticipated shortfall this initial year. How to close that gap? I will be attending a convention in San Francisco this fall. I will be there seven nights at $200 a day, with a 14-percent occupancy tax. Almost $200 in taxes, times 10,000 attendees equals $2 million for San Francisco to invest in Symphony Hall, Golden Gate Park, cable cars and tourist attractions. How about a 5 percent occupancy tax for 5 years in Modesto going to support the arts center? After that, extend it if the voters approve, just like the library tax. Think of the benefits the city will receive with the influx of people for events, meals and lodging.