Letters to the Editor

Bottom line trumps restaurant location

Re: "Dewz takes big risk in giving up its hot corner" (Aug. 16, Page B-1). I read Jeff Jardine's column regarding Dewz restaurant's decision to relocate. I couldn't have disagreed with him more. The adage "location, location, location" is true for real estate holdings. In turn, business' holy grail is, and always has been, "bottom line, bottom line, bottom line." Being close to the Gallo arts center has advantages, but not if you can't meet your expenses. Judy Aspesi's rent has increased to the tune of $8,000 and she now has a competitor in the same building, Firkin & Fox.

As the writer stated, other restaurants such as Oceana, Nosh and Momo's have come and gone. But Dewz is still standing after 10 years in downtown Modesto -- an eternity in the restaurant business. This wasn't accomplished because Aspesi has made all the wrong decisions; rather, she impresses me as a very clever and accomplished businesswoman.

Dewz, under the care of its current owner, has been able to outsurvive other restaurants because it knows where to draw the line. In our small downtown, four blocks will not be a make-or-break scenario, especially with Dewz's strong following.