Letters to the Editor

Reaganesque (adj.): Like bad leader

The Republican presidential candidates are being as "Reaganesque" as possible. It's not surprising since conservatives love embracing bad actors and liars.

When Ronald Reagan was governor, he said, "Taxes should hurt," yet Cowboy Ron paid little or no taxes. He kept some Arabian nags on his ranch for a livestock write-off. He did, however, save the taxpayers millions by closing the mental hospitals and freeing the patients.

President Reagan is believed to have won the Cold War single-handedly. Sorry, the pope and the Polish Solidarity movement were the heroes of that movie, Reagan was just slinking around the set. His trickle-down economics meant that wealth was distributed to the rich, who trickled some of it down on their Salvadorian gardeners. He is considered a uniter, but settled the air traffic controllers strike by firing the strikers (typical). He made ridiculous, divisive statements such as, "The liberals are at the edge of the woods, and they're flashing us."

During the Iran-Contra hearings, Reagan had difficulty keeping his story straight. He was given a pass due to senility. He should have been tried for treason.