Letters to the Editor

Liberals are wrong about everything

Michael Moore thinks that people can get better health care in Cuba. So why doesn't he load all of us on a boat and take us there? Robert Redford promised he'd move to Ireland if Bush got re-elected. Did I miss his pilgrimage?

Al Gore thinks he's going to revive his legacy with his asinine attempt to demonstrate scientific knowledge about global warming. It's great to see the honored art of dry-labbing still exists. Al set up a theory, then used only those facts that fit his premise. He has conveniently ignored most of the periods of cooling and warming that have occurred on Earth.

Raising taxes is never funny. Listen to the chatter about raising taxes when Hillary is crowned so she can socially engineer our country. But social engineering fails in most cases. Sex ed in the schools is the unrivaled example of social engineering failure. To provide her programs, she will need lots of money. And like Katrina, Sept. 11, the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, and the war in Iraq, the need for higher taxes will be Bush's fault. Maybe someone should ask her how she defines the word "is."


Santa Nella