Letters to the Editor

Motorist fined only $168 for hitting bicyclist

I saw in your Aug. 15, paper an article ("Riding wrong can be fatal, accidents show," Page B-2) on bicycle accidents and a list of tips to ride safely.

Sometimes even following the rules doesn't help. Three years ago I was hit by a car while riding my mountain bike. I was going the direction of traffic in a 30 mph zone and was less than a foot from the edge of the road. Someone going 50 mph driving on the dirt shoulder hit me and sent me into his windshield. The driver pulled me off the hood of his car and threw me to the ground. He then repositioned his car. Fortunately, the police were able to tell the driver was driving off the road.

The police only gave him a citation for an unsafe passing attempt, a $168 fine. The driver then disappeared.

If someone is riding a bicycle or walking along the side of a road, even when there's a 30 mph speed limit, someone can drive off the road, hit and just about kill them — and only receive a $168 fine.