Letters to the Editor

'Bee-serk' over Salida Now

I cannot believe The Bee went so Bee-serk ("Maybe the developers really do run the county," Aug. 9, Our View) at county supervisors for deciding to adopt a land-use plan in Salida that they have been working on for 10 years. The Bee's position is that the supervisors deprived the citizens of this county the right to vote on this measure. The Bee's position makes no sense. When is the last time the citizens of Salida had an opportunity to vote on Modesto or Patterson's general plan update? Never. The update to the Salida Community Plan is for Salida's citizens to determine — and that's all. The Salida Community Plan went through years of planning and is the result of tremendous Salida community input. Stop distorting the facts to promote your agenda and leave Salida alone to determine its future.