Letters to the Editor

Let supervisors do their job

In response to the organized attacks of a few paranoid, narrow-minded, ultraliberal election-day losers still feasting on sour grapes: How can anyone in their right mind simply ignore the fact that growth is essential to infrastructural survival? The supervisors are intelligent, hardworking, committed elected officials. They have access to and fully utilize every possible resource to research, study and evaluate all the possible ramifications of a measure this magnitude. We have given them our confidence by putting them in office, so let's allow them to do their jobs. Let's not allow a few professional agitators to bog us down in a prefabricated controversy. These are proven men of talent and a profound vision for our future. We voted them in for reasons just like this. The people will get the final say at the ballot box. Criticism just for the sake of criticizing is of no virtue or value.