Letters to the Editor

Pray for priests, because they're only human

My dad, who was a practicing Catholic, advised my siblings and me: "Priests are men, consecrated to God, but men, like your brothers and me; therefore, be cautious, respect them and keep your distance. If you have any problem with them, let me know, and do not forget to pray for them."

Attending religious schools, and with the church around the corner, this advice was opportune. It worked for us, later for my children, and I will tell it to my grandchildren, too. None of us had any incident.

Nowadays, with the scandals, we have to consider that there are, and always have been, excellent, altruistic and humanitarian priests. I am fortunate to have met many. It is an act of justice to be aware of it, and to thank them for their work — and not to forget to pray for them.