Letters to the Editor

If we invade Darfur, media will sabotage it

Let's go into Darfur. We don't need to wait on the United Nations; they will take forever. Congress can fund the effort. The CIA has said the fighting is spreading. Innocent people are dying! The news media can cover all the advances for human rights, show an election, open schools and do all the feel-good stories we can handle. Then ratings will go down, as will sales of newspapers. Then what?

I know, we'll focus on the negative. Insurgents wanting the old regime back will start killing Americans as well as their own people. News sales will creep up; bad news sells! We will dig deeper, finding even more dark news. Sell, sell, sell! Congress will start changing support to blame, and we'll claim the CIA lied. We'll march with signs and hear "Foul!" from Cindy Sheehan. The press can change its opinion to "We should pull out now!" and nobody will remember our earlier cries of "Innocent people are dying!" We'll demand a pull-out, plunging the country into a civil war.

Is this beginning to sound familiar? How about we support our current war effort, and finish what we started?