Letters to the Editor

Catholic Church intolerant of Protestantism

I love Google. Not as much as I love my family or my God — but if you need to research something, Google will help. Such as the book "National Sunday Law," which the writer of the letter "Anti-Catholic author a 'misguided fool' " (Aug. 9) railed against. I did not read the entire book, but scanned it; and I searched around the Internet enough to see that it was written by a Seventh-day Adventist pastor. Once considered a cult, Adventist theology might now be close to "conservative evangelical."

I didn't agree with what I read in the book. However, the Roman Catholic Church is certainly not tolerant of Protestant churches. What did the Vatican's recent clarification of its definition of the true church conclude? Only the Catholic Church is the true church. We are not used to the tension between Catholic and Protestant churches — it's unseemly. But it cannot be any other way. For example, the pope either is or isn't Jesus Christ's representative on Earth. He's not. Not because of an ordinary book like "National Sunday Law," but because of the Christian God's inspired and holy word as revealed in the Bible.