Letters to the Editor

Grain grinder endangers neighbors' health

There has been a lot of information depicting the need to improve our valley's air quality. There have been quotes from the California Air Resources Board and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District citing steps taken, studies conducted, etc. Yet, here in our midst (along Santa Fe Avenue in Empire) operating with impunity is the Central Valley Agricultural Grinding Co. How they were allowed to gain a foothold so close to so many residents is mind-boggling.

The Bee ran a story ("Dirty film envelops homes by grain site," Page B-1) Dec. 15 on how local residents were coping with the dust and smell. I continue to have dust residue on everything and fear future respiratory problems. Are all people within the dust fallout supposed to wait for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to develop before something is done?

A representative of the air agencies needs to take samples and have them analyzed. Drive by and see large, untarped piles of grain. Talk to any of the residents along Santa Fe. Park your car for a day or two on my property and then ask yourself if you would like to be breathing what you see on your windshield.