Letters to the Editor

Reduce euthanasia rate for cats

Regarding the high euthanization rate of kittens and cats at our shelter: We have an overcrowded, run-down animal shelter. The stress that caring shelter workers suffer as they are forced to kill healthy, adoptable animals is enormous.

The Bee article on the euthanasia rate ("Less euthanasia at shelter," July 7, Page B-1) didn't include the numbers of cats and kittens that are deliberately abandoned by guardians to fend for themselves in the wild or on the streets. Most cats and kittens that are not taken to the shelter starve, die from illness or deliberate cruelty, or are run over by cars.

The solution is simple: a low-cost, ongoing spay and neuter program for ferals and stray cats. Reduce spay-neuter fees and offer assistance programs to make spaying and neutering less of a financial burden on people who rescue stray cats and kittens and care for feral cats. Tax money would be better spent on a spay-neuter program for ferals and strays instead of euthanasia. If Stanislaus County can find the money to euthanize kittens and cats, they can find the money to spay and neuter them.