Letters to the Editor

Rummy, you did a heckuva job

In an interview in the July 2005 Esquire magazine, Donald Rumsfeld boasted that he had changed the Pentagon culture by bringing in new people such as Paul Wolfowitz to enable the United States to fight future wars effectively. The results of his six years of reform before "retiring" are reflected in The Bee's Aug. 6 edition.

From "Fast trip to Iraq worth $20,000," Page A-5: "The U.S. Army is trying a new incentive: offering new and returning enlistees as much as $20,000 in 'Q.S.' bonuses in exchange for a promise to ship out ... within 30 days of signing up."

From "Arms given to Iraqis go missing," Page A-16: "The Government Accountability Office indicates that U.S. military officials do not know what happened to 30 percent of the weapons ... distributed to Iraqi forces." Missing are 190,000 assault weapons.

We already knew that our troops were sent to fight with inadequate armor and that palletloads of $20 bills delivered to Iraq cannot be accounted for. Add the scandal at Abu Ghraib prison, the coverup of the Pat Tillman death and the weakening of the U.S. Army and National Guard units: Heckuvajob, Rummy.